randomnity in ’08 #2

31 Jan

I know it’s a made up word. But I kind of like it and it seems to fit.

-Finished To Kill a Mockingbird. Good book. I enjoyed it. I know it’s supposed to be a great masterpiece of American literature and all but Owen Meany still beats it hands down for me.

-“There Will Be Blood” is finally in NW Arkansas, but it’s at the theater that would require my taking the WORST exit in all of NWAR. That combined with Nuffy being sick last weekend and not being able to go and me just not really having the time, I’ve still not seen it.

-Not last Friday, but the Friday before, I stayed up until 4:30am Saturday finishing an assignment for my Licensure program that was due at 8am. I then had to sit through an extremely boring and nearly pointless class from 8am until about 3pm that day. Let me just tell you: I am WAY too old to be pulling all nighters of anything, let alone homework. It was horrible. It has crossed my mind that I’m constantly trying to motivate my 7th graders to get their homework done that they shouldn’t waste all the time I give them in class to finish things which is basically me telling them they shouldn’t procrastinate. Would this prove no one’s disbelief that I am a hypocrite? No, because there’s one big difference between me doing that assignment and my 7th graders: I actually did it and turned it in.

-I’m still contemplating buying a new computer. However, I haven’t been contemplating since the last time I blogged and I only started contemplating again because the promotion that gets me an extra $150 off a shiny new Dell ends tomorrow. I’m afraid that my computer is still running well and that I can’t make a $1000 decision in the time I have left. Froogle? Tight-wad? Incessant waffler? You be can decide for yourself.

-Last Thursday, I had the opportunity to go see my friends Ezra and Keith play a house concert with their original band, Wheatfield. Experienced incredible musicians, some great songs and impressive performances in an intimate setting with another good friend, Justin, that I’d not been able to hang with for awhile. It was so good to see Ezra and Keith and I’m so glad I found out about it and decided to go on short notice.

-Last night, I spent twice as much on a ticket (4 times as much if you count that I paid for Holly’s ticket too) to go see the Indigo Girls.

Well, I just got a phone call and ran out of time to finish those thoughts. Will try to revisit this soon.

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One response to “randomnity in ’08 #2

  1. sam

    February 1, 2008 at 4:14 am

    i hope you’re not gonna go and burst my bubble, there, dirko.

    (this is lisa, not sam)


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