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Summer 2013 Catch Up

Bullets (sapphire) are good…

  • 2nd Semester of school is over.  I’m not sure, but I think that last month of school is getting harder and harder with every year.
  • Finally broke down.  I’m now paying ATT for a frakking data plan just so I can have a decent phone.
  • Worked two days the week following school for a production company that needed help with a large conference by a certain global company that is prominent where I live.  It was tiring, but kind of interesting and I got paid well.  I was mostly disturbed by how much the company’s annual meeting looked and felt exactly like what many consider to be “successful” church.  Not sure whether I’m more skeeved out by the fact that the meeting looked like church or that church looked like the meeting.  Either way, I’m glad that I don’t work for either.
  • Spent final week in a math class that I’ve been in for the last 3 summers.  1)I don’t teach math anymore.  2) 90% of the time discussion was literally semesters of Math over my head.  Glad it’s over.
  • Got home last night from spending 5 days in Saint Louis with my sister.  Lots of fun, but we’re all really wiped out now.
  • I have an ep that I (still) need to make that I need to write some songs.  I have a gig on August 20th that I’d like to have the ep completed.  I may also have a gig late in July.
  • Planning to stop wasting time lurking FB.  I rarely contribute and am usually annoyed.  Too many ads, punditry, stupidity and time wasting.  Not that I’m going dark, just plan to try to not look at FB.  Twitter/Instagram/Google+/Blogging/Songwriting will be my outlets.  Also, if you msg me on FB, I’ll get it.
  • Been skipping around on my reading and haven’t locked into anything.  Need to finish Jeff Miller’s Shadows of Tockland.  Been reading a lot of old Daredevil comics.  In the middle of the Elektra saga.
  • Summer movie of mention so far has been Before Midnight.  Every time I bring it up, either people haven’t heard of the project or just think I’m a girl for being so interested in it.  I went to it by myself.  I walked past the line out the door to see Man of Steel and watched my movie with two 60+ year old ladies.   I liked it.  I hope they make another.  Will see Man of Steel soon.
  • So, you may see a few more blog posts over the coming weeks. Hopefully,  I’ll have some more music for you to hear soon.
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