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R.I.P. John Hughes

duckie Ok, I didn’t wear the shoes (although I’m quite certain I owned some very similar at some point), and i can’t say I had all the fashion sense, but the character of Duckie cut way too close to the bone for me.  (I did wear a bolo tie with my tux to Sr. prom-see pic below….)  I really wanted to be Ferris Bueller.

The truth of the matter was that I really didn’t have the best high school experience.  I was from a tiny town in NW Kansas.  I wasn’t into sports.  I had allergies and didn’t do well on the farm or in the field.  I liked to sing.  I liked to read.  I played piano and liked synthesizers and Depeche Mode and Erasure more than Whitesnake or Cinderella.  I was skinny.  I cared how my hair looked.  You can go ahead and guess the label I got stuck with.

Of course, what the hayseeds didn’t realize is that I have always liked girls.  I know that most boys hit this stage in their development where girls are suddenly very interesting and not so gross anymore.  I never hit that stage because I’ve always liked girls.  While other boys were wrestling in the dirt and learning baseball stats, I was getting about a 6 year head start at figuring out how to spend time with girls.

Weirdly, I have always romanticized high school; even when I was in it and it wasn’t the best.  John Hughes gave me stories to hook my ideas into.  Like I said, I was Duckie.   I liked to think I was a little bit the nerd in Breakfast Club (without the drivenness and i would never take shop anyway…) who had the brains and reflection to give words to others’ feelings.  I was Keith in Some Kind of Wonderful, who could show the girl what she was missing if she’d give me a chance.

Anyway, thank you, John Hughes.  It’s silly, but your movies always make my favorites list.

Sincerely yours, The Breakfast Clubduckie_andie

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