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little news

So, it looks like I don’t have to check the online sub-finder for a couple of weeks. I’m subbing for the long-term sub in a class where the teacher is going to be having a baby in a couple of days and the long-term sub is currently engaged finishing another mini-contract. This is good because I know that the teacher is leaving me great great plans and directions for the whole time I’m there and it’s a great school. People are friendly and getting used to seeing me around there and since the teacher’s going to be gone on maternity leave, I’m actually going to get to do some teaching.

At the same time, a 5th grade position has opened up and I’m going to pursue it with all I’ve got. I’ve already sent out an email and called the school this morning, but the secretary said the principal wouldn’t be in all day. I plan to call again on my way to subbbing in the morning. As much as I really love the school that I’m subbing in and I know it will be great experience for me, the fact is that we just can’t make ends meet on the pay that subbing brings in.

I know that’s not much news, but that’s about all that’s going on.

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picky people and peter pan

update first: No. I still don’t have a job. Yes. I’m frustrated and grouchy about it. It seems that all the schools within about a 50 mile radius of my house have filled all their positions…EXCEPT the one job at the one school that I’ve been hoping/praying/pleading for since before school started. They still haven’t filled the position. I do know that she’s offered it to a few people, who already have jobs, and was turned down because they already have jobs… So, since she’s going down the list of settling, if she gets far enough down, she’s bound to get to me sooner or later. Let’s just hope that I’m at the top of the list of desperate people who still need a job that she doesn’t really want but will settle for. Why would I even want to go into a new job situation like that? Finances be getting tight…not does subbing suck, but the pay sucks worse. One final note: I actually nabbed a half-day subbing job at that school. I’m hoping for a slim chance that I might be able to talk to that principal and could have the hope that I might make some better impression on her. Of course, since I don’t know what gave her a bad impression in the first place, that’s going to be tricky.
Other update: I STILL have a horrible cough and I even went to the doctor last week!

Ok. Peter Pan. I picked up what is supposed to be the 2nd of a trilogy of books recently written as supposed prequals to J.M. Barrie’s, Peter Pan. Frankly, I’m shocked, appalled and disgusted. I am honestly having a hard time believing that either of the TWO authors ever read Barrie’s book or even watched Walt Disney’s animated movie or even Speilberg’s extrapolation, Hook! Both of those movies are much more faithful to the characters’ personalities and motivations. I know that most anybody reading this probably doesn’t care, so I’ll just bullet a few points that are incongruent with Barrie’s conception that are apparent within the first few pages:

  • Peter Pan would have never said that he was “1 year older than the oldest of his group of lost boys” He was proud that he would never grow up. In fact, that was the one rule of the lost boys, if peter thinks you’re starting to grow up, you’re banished from neverland.
  • Peter still had all his baby teeth.
  • Peter was completely oblivious to fawning girls’ batting eyes.
  • Peter was proud and cocky and couldn’t tell between real and make believe.
  • Neverland was not somewhere out in the ocean, but another plane or world that could only be reached by magic and pixie dust, not “starstuff”
  • Captain Hook was the most refined, if sinister villain. He was not dirty and stinky, but clean shaven, smartly dressed and groomed. And his first name was JAMES!!! James wasn’t the name of a lost boy!
  • The crocodile swallowed a clock. This represents time catching up to all of us. How could you even mention the crocodile without mentioning the clock?
  • And what’s the name of the indian princess? All together: of course it’s Tigerlilly! Who ever heard of “Shining Pearl”?

I’m going to stop now because I just get irritated. So irritated, that I quit reading this ridiculous book and started reading the real Peter Pan.

However, on October 7th, a new book is coming out, “Peter Pan in Scarlett” that was commissioned and sanctioned as a true sequal to Barrie’s story. They had a contest where something like 200 writers submitted a chapter and story outline and some english writer won the opportunity to write the book. This is all under the direction of the children’s hospital own all rights to the book. So I’m interested to read that, because I would think they’d go to great lengths to make sure the writer stayed true to the characters. I’m interested to find out.

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No news not necessarily good news…

Sorry that I’ve been slow to update. It’s just that I’ve had no good news worth sharing.

It is not September 14th, I’m officially “on hold” with the NTL program, and chances of me getting a teaching gig for the 06-07 school year shrink with every day.

It seems apparent that there just aren’t any open positions within about a 50-mile radius. A couple of schools have offered a glimmer of hope that their enrollments are getting close to over-full at which point they’ll need to add positions. I try to keep checking, but nothing has happened with them either.

There is one job still open that I would be qualified for on paper. It’s really the job that I want. Unfortunately, I don’t think the principal or the person advising the principal have had any sort of chance to get to know me to think that I could do the job and do it well.

By contrast, I’ve been subbing at another school since September 1st. I truly believe that subbing is more challenging than actually teaching with the exception that you don’t carry the weight of the responsibility with teaching. Anyway, I’ve had 3 or 4 teachers from my hallway ask for my name/# so that they can try to get me to sub for them later. The people that have been around me and have been able to see me in the classroom recognize my ability with students and don’t care that have little experience.

So, that’s it. I’m still waiting/hoping/praying this principal will take a chance on me. And if that doesn’t happen, we’ve got to figure out some more income because subbing pays squat.

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