This is the cyberspace home of the singer-songwriter-producer-musician formerly known as “Derek Shacklett”, formerly sometimes known as “shack”, currently regularly known as “Mr. Shacklett”, currently known as varying terms of affection and/or frustration by my wife that you don’t need to know anyway, and most favorably responsive to “Daddy”.  (But two beautiful little girls can call me that, and you’re neither of them!)

“What can I say?  I’m a fan.  I loved [shack’s CD] Gypsy Heart and I can’t wait for the next project.” -Ezra Idlett, songwriter/singer/musician of the Grammy Nominated duo Trout Fishing in America“When I first heard shack’s album, Gypsy Heart, I thought it sounded like some contemporary pop album by some nationally known artist, not some guy hanging around Fayetteville, AR! The songs are infectious and memorable. The production makes an aging baby-boomer like me want to rock n roll! -Emily Kaitz, musician/journalist 
All About Town

“Shack’s new CD, Gypsy Heart, manages to combine pop sensibility and honesty-a rare combination indeed! Overflowing with catchy melodic ideas, skillful arrangements, and excellent vocals, it is still Shack’s personal vision and point of view that rises to the top. It is a beautiful CD that will likely dominate your player for a good long while!” -Kelly Mulhollan, singer/musician Still on the Hill

“I need to get out more often. Why don’t I know this guy? I put on shack’s CD in the van and kept turning it up louder and louder with every mile.” -Keith Grimwood,  songwriter/singer/musician of the Grammy Nominated duo Trout Fishing in America

“I’ve known shack for a long time, and he has always had an amazing knack for melodies. His new CD, Gypsy Heart, proves to be another great example of his ability to put ideas into words in fresh new ways.” –Mark Schultz, Dove Nominated singer/songwriter


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