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Lumber-SHACK! (eating cheese/sausage biscuit)

And I have chopped some wood this week…

Still haven’t shaved!  No Shave November has become something bigger!  Tomorrow (Dec. 17th) will be 49 days since I’ve shaved.  (Okay, I’ve trimmed my neck and cheeks a little bit…)  After making it through the valley of evil scratchiness, it’s difficult to break down and shave now.  It’s kind of like growing your hair out…wait…I mean….whatever.

Can’t decide if I’ll keep the ‘stache the whole week so as to not freak out students or to shave it off before school on Friday.  (Holly will not be pleased either way….)

Today, a student asked:

“Mr. Shacklett, when are your ever going to shave?”

Me:  “I don’t know.  Why?  Is it buggin’ you?”

T: “No, I was just askin’.  You just kind of look like a young Santa Claus or something.  But you’ve got more white hairs coming in on your face so….”

Me:  “T, you know you’re the reason for more white hairs, right?”

T: “Yes!”


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