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Summer Blog ’11 (Blog?!?)

This is transcribed from a series of tweets from Linford Detweiler, songwriter/pianist/bandleader or Over the Rhine.  It really hit me where I’m living at the moment.  Wanted to post it so that I wouldn’t lose it.

“Today for the first time since The Long Surrender sessions, I plugged in a few microphones here at the farm and began making a few demos.    It’s always such a leap of faith, a fool’s errand, to lean in with a few new songs. I always feel like a charlatan, a grinning impostor.
But ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, as my friend Barry Moser says, talent is common as house dust and useful as teats on a boar hog.
You either keep showing up or you don’t.  It all comes down to the work.  And so I raise my hand and hope some mystery speaks my name.
Now it’s your turn.”
I actually spoke with Linford once after an OtR show in Saint Louis.  I’m not a huge fan, but they interest me.  I was interested that he played piano most of the show.  I noticed he was playing the same digital piano that I own and I told him so.   Upon hearing this,  he asked me if I was interested in selling it.  I think he was pretty serious.  Told me that if I was interested to email him.
Thanks for the challenge tonight, Linford.
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