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eBay is Bad for Me

So, thank you all who contributed to my little  “guitar drive”.  I am humbled and appreciative.

Unfortunately, a vulture swooped down on my ebay auction and swiped my guitar from me in the last 3 seconds.

Bad for my blood pressure and sad for my guitar fingers.

I’m still shopping for a guitar.

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**URGENT** Short-term-DIY-Crowd-Funding! Guitar!

So, how do I put this?  I want another guitar.  Not some super expensive guitar.  Not some antique, fancy guitar.  Just a particular electric guitar that I think looks really cool.


that you can’t buy anymore because it’s a re-issue and it’s not being made.
Doesn’t it suit me?  It’s kind of quirky and weird.  I’m weird.  It’s perfect.

A friend suggested that surely I could find 35 friends to donate $10 each to the cause, right?  Well, that got me thinking…  Folks need to catch up on their shack music collection, right?

But the auction is only going on for 4 more days, so folks need incentive, right?  So, here’s the deal.

All of my previous CDs are currently available for immediate download at for just $5/each!  (How’s that for incentive?)

But wait!  There’s more!

If you purchase a download from bandcamp in next 4 days, you’ll get an email with the receipt.  Forward the receipt to and I will email you link to download a zipped file with additional mp3s as follows:

Gypsy Heart (2003) Bonus Download:  The Coffee House Cover Club– (Nearly) Live-in-the-studio recordings of cover tunes the acoustic trio (shack, James Powers on lead guitar, and Holly on BGVs and hand percussion) performed in our Coffee House performing heyday.    10 Tracks- Recording not for sale.

Fall on Me (2001)  Bonus Download:  Download this 11 track Praise & Worship digital Record and receive an additional 6 cover tunes available on the CD but not on download.  These include You Are Holy, Nails, and shack’s mashup of I Could Run Away (waterdeep) and More Faithful (Skillet)+ Chord sheets to all songs!

Vagabond Dancing (1998) Bonus Download:  This was hard to find something to add.  But I’ve got demos of  a couple of cover tunes we were doing in church concerts around that time and I’ll try to find some early demos of some of these songs.  I know that I’ve got one demo that never got released.  I’ll be shooting for about 5-6 extra tracks for this one. Not to mention it contains the title track which was the GMA’s International Song of ’98 Finalist! (Top 10 out of 1500+ songs submitted!)  This also contains the song All I See which knocked Mariah Carey AND Whitney Houston out of the Top 10 one week on a Top 10  request radio show in Riga, Latvia back in the late ’90s….

Trying to Climb the Wisdom Tree (1996) Bonus Download:  Your Luv 4 Me (1994).  No, there’s no rap on it.  I was going for a Prince vibe with the title.  Anyway, this was my very first recording released on tape only.  I even copied, cut out and stuffed the sleeves myself.  (It was really bad.)  8 tracks.   6 Original Songs and 2 Instrumentals that were in our wedding.

Boy, do I feel naked right now.

There you go.   Start filling those iPods!


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