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Boston at the beginning of this month: Day 1

Memories as fast as I can:

Picked up James and Melissa at 4:30am. If you know me, that’s weird. Made the flights, flying fun, got there about noon or 1pm. Found out that the arm of the subway that went to our hotel that we planned to get around town by was closed. Finally got to hotel and we’re hungry. Hiked to downtown area over a big hill from Boston Commons. I was hungry and didn’t want to walk anymore before we got food. So, we stopped in a little Lebanese diner. The weirdest part was about 30 seconds have we got in and sat down, the fire alarms started going off. This little guy kept rushing through telling us not to worry about it and that he’d get it shut off. I don’t know how long it was going but it felt like 5 or 10 minutes and it was loud.

From there we hiked the freedom trail. It was cool, and I like reading and learning about the history, but I can look at buildings and tombstones and be ready to move on pretty quickly.

Finally, we stopped in this museum that they’d made out of the Old South Meeting House which was where they started from at the Boston Tea Party. It was cool in there and there were cushioned seats and little headphones you could borrow to listen to this program. So, I guessed I fell asleep for a little while. I’d been up since 4am!!

More of the freedom trail. Met some friends of ours and ate at a seafood place right on the bay. Good food. Good times.

Caught a cab back to the Hotel. James was pissed that we paid $10 cuz he thought it should have been less. Walked across the street and got Cheesecake from the cheesecake factory for dessert. Some idiot from the hotel told James there would be a $3 charge to our room for somebody to deliver some more coffee cups and plastic spoons. James was rightfully pissed by that point. I just went down and took some cups and spoons. Sleep.

End Day 1

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The Force With Me

So, last night after D&D (I got down to -4 HP, rolled crap all night, Margie saved me, we [pretty much lisa who turned into a dragon] killed an army of 1600 ogres, i think i killed 3) Jeff and I got to talking about that we needed to go get the Star Wars trilogy. 
I’ve been wanting it, but I don’t need it, and I figured that would make a pretty decent Christmas present.  However, I realized that I had a bunch of Walmart gift cards saved up from various taste tests and thought I could get buy with maybe paying $10 for the trilogy.  So, Jeff and I went to Walmart at midnight to get it.
When I got to checkout, I handed the girl like 6 Walmart cards that had various amounts on them as I’d used different ones for different things.  Some had $3, som $5, at least one had a full $15.  Once she ran them all, I owed $.47.  I had my hand in my pocket and pulled it out with all the change I had:  exactly $.47!
And may the Force be also with you…
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not blog

Here’s the problem. I know I should tell everybody about the trip to Boston. I just know that’s going to take awhile and I haven’t worked up the ambition to tell everybody about it. Because I know I need to do that, I haven’t blogged anything else. There you go.

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Boston in the (almost) Fall

Tomorrow morning, 4:30am, we’re supposed to pick up our friends, J & M and head for the airport where we’re catching a plane to Boston. Why? For fun.

It all started because somebody read about a Lord of the Rings Movie Trilogy exhibit that is at this museum in Boston for a little while. M has cousin or something that works at the museum and got us all tickets, so we’re getting to go to the museum for free. Other than that, I don’t really know what’s on the agenda.

We’re flying there, taking a subway downtown and then we’ll be getting around all weekend by foot or by bus or something. It will be interesting.

First, Holly and I hardly ever go anyplace “just because”. We’ve traveled quite a bit, but it’s always been going and performing with some site-seeing on the side. I’m not even taking a guitar.

Secondly, we’ve not traveled with other people very much. We’ve done a couple of tours with my friend Rustin and his wife Marcola, and had a blast. Again, though, we were performing and the point of the trip was career oriented.

J & M are expert travelers and they’ve taken care of almost all the details. Maybe all of them. I’m just showing up.

Anyway…have a good labor day weekend!

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Stephen King and the Dark Tower books

So, I’ve been struggling to find a book for awhile. I’m not sure what the last book was that really captured my attention, but I think it was Grapes of Wrath and that was early summer. But, that’s usually the case. If I read something really tremendous, I have a hard time finding the next thing to get started on.

I just finished reading a book called The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver because Ams and Jess were ardently singing its (Kingsolver’s writing) praises. To be honest, it was ok. I wanted to really be captured by it, but just wasn’t. Don’t know why.

So, last week, I was talking with my friend, Jeff, who was telling me that he was reading or just finished the latest novel in Stephen King’s Dark Tower series.

Now, I’ve read a lot of Stephen King and really like most of what he writes. However, as I told Jeff, I’d read the first book of the Dark Tower series, The Gunslinger, and it was all I could do to finish it. I knew it was an early novel of King’s (I guess it was his first) but I just didn’t like it. The character’s weren’t written well and the story seemed so vague that I just couldn’t stand it.

Jeff, as Amber had done earlier in the week, told me to give the series another shot. Yes, the first book sucked, but move on. Jeff also told me that I should consider reading the revised and expanded edition of the gunslinger which was better.

I still wasn’t really convinced, but I told Jeff, that he’d loan me the revised edition, I’d consider it. That was about 3am Thursday morning (my birthday).

On Thursday afternoon, some other friends surprised me by stopping by and giving me a birthday present. This was surprising in itself, because they’re really barely more than acquaintances. We ran into D&S at Walmart a couple of months ago, and stood and visited for awhile and have been trying to get together for dinner or something since and have yet to hook up mostly because the Shackletts are too busy.

Anyway, the gift bag had a couple of Star Wars figures (D isn into SW, too) a D&D poster, and low and behold: The expanded/revised edition of the Gunslinger!

Jeff told me that Jesus must be telling me to read the Gunslinger and give the Dark Tower series another shot…

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