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51.5 hours

Thursday morning, after chilly night #2 with the shacklett family camping out on living room floor, we decided to go get a hot breakfast before I started up the fire place.  From Flapjacks, we went to the Brown’s for a little bit (they have power and Ivy needed to play with livvy) and from there, we went to Steve and Shelly’s.  Spent the afternoon and evening with Steve and Shelly enjoying the warmth, TV, internet, hot spaghetti, and fellowship.  I waited for Ivy to go to bed before coming home to check on Rhubarb and get a couple extra things to take back to spend the night.  When I got back over here the power was on.  Whew!

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ice day ’09 #1

Knew before 9pm last night that I wouldn’t be going to school today.   Although, we’d all been planning as such since Sunday night.   Don’t know if we’ll get off tomorrow or not.

It’s pretty freaky.  Just sitting here, I can hear tree  limbs breaking somewhere in my neighberhood every couple of minutes.  We lost power at around 10am and were surprised that was back up by noon.  The temp is supposed to be dropping this afternoon which means all the wet outside is going to freeze some more.  With all the falling limbs, I’ll be surprised if we don’t lose power again.

So, what have i been doing this morning?  I had grand designs to get a bunch administrative malarkey caught up and brought home materials to do so.  I tried to decipher it for awhile and just got pissed off and decided that getting out in the freezing rain and dodging falling tree limbs to get D cell batteries so we’d have a radio if the power went out again would be more fun.  So, that is unfinished.  I could probably be moving more stuff into my new office/room/studio, but I’ve not done that either.  Why must snow days, which could be “catchup” days, be so unmotivating? 

2:48  power went out again.

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sapphire bullets ’09-1

  • blog apathy.  sue me.  Too many other things that I should be doing and I really don’t want to do anything at all.
  • 7 day carribean cruise over break.  Great.  Cruises are the way to go except, it’s amazing how much missing my girl so badly brought down the overall enjoyment of the whole thing.  Don’t know when I’ll be attempting that again.
  • 550 square foot addition on the house completed.  Happy with it.  Still trying to find the energy to “move in” to my new office/studio/room.   Am realizing all the little things that we didn’t think about that we wish we’d have done differently… light switch here…power outlet there…etc. 
  • Read Portofino by Frank Schaeffer again.  Laugh out loud funny.  Am half way through 2nd book in that trilogy “Zermatt”.  Not quite as good, but I’ve still laughed out loud.
  • 4 Saturdays, 2 HUGE assignments and 1 State assessment/observation and I’m done with my Non-tradional teaching certification.  Can’t wait, but the stress of the assignments and assessment have me dreading this semester.  I think this  is a big reason I’ve been in such a blah mood lately.
  • Also started reading The Host by Stephenie Meyer (yes, the Twilight writer) on the cruise.  More interesting the tween obssession of Twilight.  However, I’ve been trying to listen to it on my way to and from work, and groan in disgust at least 2-4 times each trip.  I can’t believe all the confident, intelligent women I know who have fallen so hard for this sap.    Keep in mind that this book isn’t even as bad as Twilight.
  • Watched Matrix Revolutions last night.  It’s been awhile since I’ve seen these and I’m certain that I’d only seen Reloaded and Revolutions one time before.  Got the Trilogy + Animatrix in a set early in December.  It’s better to take these movies in smaller doses.  I definitely got more this time through.  
  • I’ve been wanting to watch Lord of the Rings again, but it’s such a huge time commitment, I’ve been slow to start.
  • Got a student put in ISS for 3 days today.  Didn’t want to.  I know she’s got it rough at home right now.  Frustrating that I feel like I’ve done everything I can and given her every break I can afford to get her to just act civil to me.   Am pretty confident that her stint in ISS will not do much to improve her posture toward me. I don’t care if she hates my guts and wants to focus all her frustration and pain about what’s going on at home on me.  I have no problem being that for her.  It’s just that if I am going to be that for her, she’s got to figure out how to do all that on the inside while being respectful to her teacher on the outside.   I’m certain all this has added to my mood this week.
  • Caught a little, constant cough that I can’t shake again.  This happened two years ago.  Had a cough and difficulty singing for like 6 months.  Am sick and annoyed with it.
  • New dog, Rhubarb,  can be tremendously sweet dog and also outrageously annoying on a daily basis.  She needs to grow out of her puppiness fast…
  • It’s FREAKING COLD OUTSIDE.  I had morning duty this morning and again tomorrow morning.   I can’t find my gloves.
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We were showing the new addition to the house to some friends including their 4 or 5 year old, Zane.  We’d gotten through the whole addition and looped back into my “old” office/studio room where my bookcases and action figures and toys still adorn the walls. (started moving today).  Zane taps my leg and asks in hushed tones:

Zane: “Are those your light sabers?” gestures to my Luke Skywalker and Darth Maul light sabers on the wall.

Me: “yep. Those are mine.”

Zane to himself in hushed voice:    lightsaber“Awesome…”

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