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bad feeling

Do you ever get your hopes up for something? And you make some choices based on those hopes? And then when the time comes that your hopes either come through or not, and then you start having that bad feeling like maybe you’re really and idiot…

I’ve got that bad feeling. Maybe I’m an idiot.

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This movie looks and sounds really interesting to me. I wonder why the producers of this movie didn’t try to get it pre-screened by preachers and bible colleges before its release…hmmm…

The other issue is that I’m always annoyed when movies open in “select” theatres in NY and LA before anywhere else.

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pukey petey

Holly and I have had petey the weiner dog for nearly 10 years now. About 4-5 years ago, he started vomiting all the time. We took him to the vet and kept taking him. After about 4 months, and petey almost dieing, we finally determined that he has a very bad case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome in his small intestines. Add to that, that it’s triggered by his allergies to just about anything and everything he might eat. We have to buy this super-special food where the molecules are of food are broken down so much that his body can’t tell that it’s something that he should be allergic to. Add to that the fact that petey is pretty much obsessive-compulsive about licking; the carpet, the floor, the couch, it doesn’t matter. Most of the time he’s licking, which means ingesting who knows what, which means his insides get messed up, which means he pukes. With great regularity. I hate it.

Our carpet is ruined and I feel like I smell puke all the time. Just when I think, “He can’t be having a happy life. He pukes all the time. Should we think about putting him to sleep?” He has a good day, with no puke. And even on the days when he does puke, he’s really happy and friendly and likable dog. He definately doesn’t seemed bother by the puking as much as I am.

So, it’s a constant state of frustration. Then, today, he got out of the back yard. I was gone for like an hour and a half when I left him in the backyard. I had no idea where to find him. I was stressed. Holly was stressed. As much as part of me was thinking, “Hey, I might not have to worry about any more puke!” The other part of me was so worried and so scared that something might happen to him. What if he got hit by a car? What if somebody thought he was cute and picked him up and took him home? What happens when he pukes all over their stuff? What are they going to do to/with him? If they took him in the first place, do you think they’d bring him back?

I girl from down the street brought him home. He was sitting on their porch whining. I guess I’ll clean up puke tonight.

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mandolin vs. bass

A friend of mine just bought an electric guitar from me that I didn’t need. I’ve been trying to decide whether I’m going to use that money to buy a bass or a mandolin.

I’d rather buy a mandolin, but I’m finding that there have been a number of occasions where a decent bass would be useful to me. I think I’ve also decided on a mandolin because I’ve found one in the price range that I need it to be, and it’s pretty good.

I’ve been working on my harmonica playing lately. I don’t know why, but my lips/face get tired from trying to hold my lips right to play specific notes. I’m getting better at picking out melodies, but when I try to play while playing guitar, it’s still a whole new ball-game.

At the Patty Griffin concert, her keyboard player played accordian a lot throughout the concert. And he never touched the Left-hand buttons ONCE! So, now all I think is that I need to just get myself a little bit better accordian and work on my “squeeze technique”.

Then, someday, I might try actually excelling at one of these instruments…

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I haven’t gone to bed yet, so it’s still Sunday. It feels like it’s been a long day for me at church. I’ll also be honest in that I get really sick of church; even when there are people honestly trying to make it something significant. I just have the hardest time shaking the feeling that it doesn’t seem to do much. Is that just me?

I went to see Patty Griffin saturday night. It was moving and inspiring. It was a large group of people that knew nothing about each other and may not have had anything in common other than the fact that Patty spoke us and moved us and she really didn’t talk very much at all.

I was at Christian Concert a few weeks ago that was a much bigger production. Way More sound, more lights, bigger/crazier crowd. The band was made up of very accomplished musicians that played very well. They played lots of songs that everybody knew the words for, and if you didn’t know the words, they even had them shining up on a screen so you could sing along. It really made me sick to my stomach.

I’m a big fan of Patty, but I don’t tend to learn lyrics like I used to, so I didn’t sing along very much. It was like most concerts in that it was kind of difficult to even understand all the words, but it moved me. I had tears in my eyes a couple of times and I know that holly was moved to tears at least once.

I do believe in the things that would be considered required belief in order to call oneself a question. At leat, I believe in the things that I think are required. How can I be so far removed from the people at that concert? How could they not be in love with Patty Griffin like I am?

How come I see more of God in a Patty Griffin concert than in a specifically Christian concert? And why is it so disheartening to me that I see so little of God in the concert that everybody else sees God so easily?

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Chipotle: Gourmet Burritos and Tacos

Chipotle: Gourmet Burritos and Tacos

I like this place a lot. The first time I ate at one was in Manhattan, KS where ther hardee’s used to be at the edge of Aggieville. I’ve now eaten at locations in Phoenix and Wichita. I’m just mad that there aren’t any in the whole state of Arkansas or Oklahoma. I wrote them an email to tell them how disappointed I am.

Anyway, the web-site is pretty enteretaining.

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Not much to say today.

Played a house concert last night with the trio for an end-of-school party for teachers from a couple of schools. We had lots of fun and the food was awesome. Not a bad way to spend an evening.

Starting a new recording project for singer/songwriter. I think I may be working on songs a lot today. Good for me, but I don’t know yet how much “help” this guy will want or accept.

He’s here. gotta go.

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