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busy producer

So, last week, I finally finished Alina Clark’s CD that I started way back in September. YAY! I’m pretty proud of the production and she’s been selling CDs last weekend, so everybody’s pretty happy.

Sunday night, I was out at the studio till about 4am recording organ, piano, melodica, accordian, and even bgvs(on one song) on Justin Brasher’s CD. He’s leaving this Thursday to go to a wedding where he’s already pre-sold 25 CDs, so we’ve got to get the master in the mail overnight to my contact to get his CDs back here. Chris is going to be up most of the night mastering and we’re going to do any final tweaks tomorrow before 5:30pm. (final pickup for FEDEX at Justin’s work). whew!

Oh yea, and after staying up till 4am this morning, I got up at 8:30 to go move a piano!

Now, if I could just figure out how to make all this start paying me some REAL money.

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THEOOZE – Counter Consumer Culture

If you haven’t yet, click the title of this blog and read the article.

I don’t usually read this web-site and when I do, it usually annoys me. However, I thought this was well written and makes a good point. I’ve often thought about this very thing when we were doing a bunch of camps and hearing all the same things over and over being said to youth groups at church camp. In some very real ways, this has to do with why I’m glad we’re not doing camps anymore.

That’s about all I have to say about it right now.


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I think I made a mistake…

So, I had that wisdom tooth pulled on Monday. Took it easy that day, Tuesday, things were better. Started eating more regular. Today, haven’t thought about it much, hadn’t taken any painkillers until later in the day when I thought about it.

Tonight, though, I might messed up. I was out at the studio working on a CD that we’re about to finish and I got out my melodica (small instrument with piano keys that you blow into that sound somewhat like an accordian and a harmonica) and was working out a part. I forgot that I’m not supposed to be sucking on straws or blowing on anything. After a little while, I started not feeling so hot and I hadn’t taken anything since about the middle of the day.

So let that be lesson: Don’t going blowing on melodica’s right after you’ve had a tooth pulled.

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The Last Word and the Word after That

I read this new Brian McLaren book last week. It’s short and easy to get through quickly. It was interesting and I learned a couple of things that I didn’t know before. I borrowed it, but I plan to go over it a little more deeply when I get my own copy.

As much as I try to resist putting myself in a box or labeling myself as emergent or post-modern or even conservative or liberal or democrat or republican or anything like that, I’m pretty much a McLarenite. He makes sense to me and has given me new and much needed perspectives on faith and Christianity in numerous ways.

This book is the 3rd in a trilogy of books. If you’re a believer, you should start with the first, A New Kind of Christian, and then read the rest of them. If you’re curious but not necassarily buying into Christianity, you should start with the second, The Story We Find Ourselves In. If you’re happy with your faith and your Christianity, you might not want to bother.

Much of what I’ve read by him has been huge in encouraging me to keep holding onto the idea that Christianity can be a worthwhile pursuit for one’s life. I’m now reading another book a friend loaned me that I can’t figure out what to make of it yet. I’ll keep you posted.


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I’m going to try this again. If you want to comment, use the blogger commenting (see the little pencil?) instead of the haloscan commenting (comments (#) Trackback (#)).



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wisdom tooth

One night, a couple of months ago, I was eating shelled sunflower seeds and my lower-right wisdom tooth broke.

My wisdom teeth all came in when I was like 21 or something like that and this isn’t the first one to break. I had the other one pulled while I was getting a bunch of other stuff done, and it was one of the easier issues to deal with.

So, this new broken tooth was bothering me a little and then it broke some more (I could tell because it wasn’t as sharp and jaggedy as it was). Then it started to hurt and I thought I better get it taken care of.

I had it pulled this morning. My face, lips, gums are still numb/itchy. I’m not supposed to suck or spit and that’s the worst because I’ve got all kinds of saliva a grossness in my mouth that I don’t want to swallow. (I’ve been spitting carefully.)

When he pulled my other one, he didn’t put in any stitches. This time, he did and I think he stabbed my tongue and lips with the needle a few times. That’s going to be irritating.

My friend, Jess, had all of her wisdom teeth taken on Friday and I’ve been wondering how she’s been doing.

I’m getting hungry which is also bad news…

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Never mind. I realized that Haloscan gives me a lot more control over the commenting. For obvious reasons to anybody who reads this with any regularity, it seems that control may be really important.

So, Haloscan comments it is. Continue your comments with abandon.

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