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No Shave November- One Month!

Last Shave: 10/29. It is now 11/29
4 Weeks=One Month

Responses:  Holly hasn’t complained about it too much lately.  She says that between the facial hair and the hair on top grown out, she “can’t see” me.  Ivy doesn’t seem to notice, but I think she might be a little freaked out if/when the face goes.  My sister (at t-giving) thinks I should let it keep going till I need to comb it.  Don’t think that’s going to happen.
Current condition:  Mostly, I just hate the feel of the mustache and want to lose it, but everybody seems to hate the “Abe Lincoln” except me.  Don’t know how much longer it’s going to last. Now the “super-itchy” is over, it seems a shame to just get rid of it.


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My new addiction…


I think Holly is sorry that she showed me this video.  I’ve never been a fan of this song until now….

Check out their youtube channel, but be prepared to stay awhile.    It almost makes me want to get busy recording…


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Jesus wants my what?!

Just go read the article. It’s great and I had to share.

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Enough is enough…

I first heard about this Bible verse being used as a “prayer for Obama” last night.  It makes me sick.

If you are embracing or promoting this mentality, you are embracing evil.   You are bowing at the altar of the same twisted idea of a god that would justify flying jet airplanes into skyscrapers or parking a moving truck full of explosives outside of a daycare.

You don’t have to agree with our President or his party.  You don’t have to be excited about a new health care plan.  You don’t have to like the fact that he is currently our President and you can throw all your efforts and prayers into voting him out of office when these 4 years are done.

But for Christ’s sake:  let go of ignorance and choose good over evil.

Please.  Before evil has opportunity to take over.


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No Shave November Update!

Last Shave: 10/29
3 Weeks

Responses: Holly still hates it. With my uncut hair and beard, an older lady told me last night that I reminded her of Russell Crowe.  My favorite response that I saw from Brian H was “Shaving is for girls!”
Current condition:  Finally moving out of  face-so-itchy-I’m-going-to-go-insane phase.  Just about didn’t make it through last weekend.    The ‘stache’s days are numbered, though….

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