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"Are you kidding me?!"

I’ve realized that when I’m really disgusted, I like to say this with as much disdain and vehemence I can muster.

With enough intensity, it can almost reach the same level of satisfaction as “WTF?”

If you don’t know. Don’t ask. Stick with “Are you kidding me?!!?”

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Ok, so i know it’s been awhile. I’ve been busy subbing and looking for a job. Oh yea: i am blogging this from my phone.

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Spider-Man 3

Went with H and the Powers on Sunday afternoon.

Quick thoughts (warning: I’ll try not to be a spoiler, and I don’t think there’s really a lot to spoil, but read on at your own risk if you’re really worried about it.)

-It felt a little long. Lots of characters=little development
-Action satisfied. Spidey kicks butt.
-Black Spidey suit is cool, but not nearly as cool as the black suit in the comic book, therefore black suit in movie is a bit stupid.
-Some parts kind of silly and easily irksome to some comic book fans while crowd-pleasing to movie watchers. Didn’t love it, but didn’t hate it. (it wasn’t as bad as Jar-Jar…)
-I like Topher Grace and thought his sarcastic wit was appealing, but I don’t really know the whole story of venom, so in this respect, I’m a movie-watcher instead of comic book fan.
-Felt like history revision of uncle parker’s muderer was cheap and pointless. It seems like they could have set up a better vengence/forgiveness storyline pretty easily, but I think they were being lazy. I don’t know if this happened in the marvel universe or not but it was still stupid.
-Am mildly intrigued by all the christian symbolism discussion of forgiveness and redemption in this movie. However, with the bloated number of characters and story-lines, the philisophical discussion, while interesting to be found in a summer, comic-book adaptation block-buster, it’s also easily lost in the noise.
-Am easily perturbed by the OUTRAGEOUS plot coincidences that are provided (symbiote landing, birth of sand man, harry’s “uncle alfred” clears everything up…), but at the same time, all of these things strike me as EXACTLY how they’d happen in a comic book. So, what’re ya gonna do?

All in all, it’s not as good as Spidey 2, I’m undecided as to if it’s better or about as good as Spidey 1, and it definately blows the piece of crap that is X-men 3 out of the water. It’s worth seeing for comic book lovers and movie watchers alike.

One final note about one of the trailers: The only thing I can think of in the Marvel Universe more stupid than the Fantastic Four would be a nearly omnipotent being who zips around the universe destroying galaxies/planets riding a silver surfboard!! Are you kidding me? Oh yea, I can think of something more stupid: Idiots in Hollywood making a movie about the Fantastic 4 AND the Silver Surfer.


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