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pins & needles

Still nothing. It’s a tricky (and covert) story, but I should be getting word if the decisions are made and I didn’t get one of those jobs. So, at this point, no news is still good news. But the suspense is just about to kill me…

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job hunting woes…

So, I’m still not doing very well at keeping this updated. THE job at THE school that I interviewed for obviously didn’t happen. I think that Principal ended up interviewing like 15+ people for that job, and I’m still not completely convinced that she wasn’t just letting all us NTL people interview to get the practice. I just heard that the person who ended up getting the position was the person that had an aide position at that school all last year. So, it all makes sense.

My first REAL interview went AWESOME! It was with a principal and 2 assistant principal’s and I really think we all hit it off. In fact, I knew that they’d called 3 of my references by the next morning and I think I ended up being one of the 3 picks that ended up getting sent to the Superintendent’s office. Unfortunately, I never heard from the Supe. I’m not even a teacher yet and I’m already a victim of educational beauracracy!

The Principal even ended up calling me and telling me that they liked me so much and wanted me in the school and she offered me not just one, but potentially 2 long-term subbing contracts for teachers that were having babies. I was really jazzed about this, because I’d be starting the first day of school with that class and it would be such a great experience for me personally and for my resume.

Unfortunately, the NTL certification process and Public School policy conspired to prohibit me from taking that sweet gig from a cash standpoint. Oh, the district could bend their rules enough that they’d let me do the job, but not enough pay me the $146/day they’d normally pay a long-term sub. I could do the job, but they’d only pay me $73/day. Holly and I are good at living cheap, and I’ve made that much in a day, but that day is usually only about 2-4 hours long and I still have time to go do something else to make some more $$ elsewhere. So, with great frustration and disappointment, I’m holding off of that job even though I really want to work with those folks.

I had another short interview just the other day and I know the principal just got approved for some additional positions. I felt like the interview went ok, but 20 minutes isn’t much time for me to REALLY impress the principal with just how great a teacher I’ll be.

So, I’m sitting on pins and needles hoping to get a phone call tomorrow. If that doesn’t happen, I don’t know what’s next. School starts on Monday and many people keep telling me that schools end up adding teachers/classes after school starts when they see their enrollment. I’d take that if it comes to it, but I’d sure like to get the call tomorrow so I can 1)Stop obsessing 2) Start preparing to teach a classroom!

That’s it for now. I’ll let you know.


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