02 Feb

So, you’d think that I would have continued those thoughts right away because since I went to bed the other night, I woke up and have spent 2 snow days at home. But no: that would be way too industrious…

-Indigo Girls: Great concert, great seats, I’m very glad I went although I’m sad that Holly was feeling so horrible. Throughout the concert, however, I was struck by how arbitrarily fame, fortune and recognition is distributed. Brandi Carlisle opened for the IGirls and sang on a number of songs during their set. She has a great voice and had some good songs and seemed proficient enough on guitar. But, the truth of the matter is that I’ve heard just as good a voice with just as good of songs numerous times from people that you will never hear about. By some stroke of fortune, she’s hooked up with the Indigo Girls and she’s set. She’s working hard and all she has to do is keep doing what she’s doing. Good for her. I think I just keep trying to figure out “yea, but why her?” when there probably isn’t any reason.

-So, the total geek in me got excited today when I figured out how to sync my phone’s calendar with my google calendar. Since bare-bonesing my computer about a month ago, I haven’t re-installed my Palm desktop 1) Because I’ve not really been using my Palm 2) I did install Outlook and had grand designs to use it and then sync it with my phone. However, I’ve not spent much time on Outlook because whenever I look at the “month” view, it starts all the weeks on Monday and puts Sat and Sun together at the end of the week. I HATE this! Every time I started the program I’d spend way too much time trying to get it to show me a regular calendar and then when I couldn’t get it to show it the way I wanted it, I’d quit. argh! Anyway, I’ve now got my google calendar syncing with my phone via Goosync. Which means, I don’t have to mess around with Outlook at all, and I can start really using my google calendar and still have it instantly mobile.

-Spent a bunch of time trying to decide to buy a new Dell last night because I had a $250 off coupon that expired at midnight. Decided things are running fine for now.

-Can I just say that Snow Days are yet another reason that teaching is pretty cool? Granted, it’s a two-edged luxury. My school has zero snow days built into the schedule, so every school day we take gets added to the end of the year. That will suck. However, it’s been a lot of fun being home with the girls for two days. I’m even proud of myself that I did some grading yesterday.

I know there were other things I was going to blog about, but that’s it for now.

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  1. elclang

    February 3, 2008 at 5:55 am

    i hear what you’re saying about the arbitrariness of fame. but! how many people who don’t go to indigo girls concerts will ever hear about brandi carlile? heck, how many people even really know the indigo girls? i guess “making it” is kind of a relative term, depending on what level of success people think is required to have officially “made it.” brandi’s good, and i guess also a bit lucky. more lucky than some, but less lucky than, say, colbie caillat (that chick that sings that “Bubbly” song), or lisa loeb. (i mention those two, because they are comparably talented to BC and actually write and play instruments and have had mainstream success)… and those two aren’t as lucky as, say, alanis. and alanis isn’t as lucky as, say, lots of the much less talented but more popular “artists” out there…..i guess the point is, we could say “why her,” but she can be saying “why them?” and THEY can be saying that about someone else… etc etc… and i think it all comes down to me agreeing with you, essentially. ha.

    (this is lisa, not sam, again)


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