Boston: The last day and the return…

20 Oct

Monday morning, we got up early and caught a free shuttle from the hotel down near Copley Square. I was pretty excited to see the Boston Public Library, but since it was Labor Day, we only got to see the outside. Copley Square has a little park with some funny little statues of the tortoise and the hare which we took some funny pictures of James and Melissa “riding”. We also saw the Trinity Church (under renovation) and the John Hancock tower. There was also a fountain that we decided we should take a picture in front of so I started looking around for somebody on the street who would take our picture.

There was this elderly couple that looked nice, and after making it clear I wasn’t panhandling, they agreed to take the picture of all of us. It turns out they were from the UK and were just visiting as well. So, I handed him the camera, we posed and…he couldn’t get the camera to work. This took about 4 tries, the last try being my fault because after checking the camera (again) I forgot to set it back to actually take a picture. Anyway, they were a funny couple and wouldn’t you know it: we forgot to take a picture of them…

From Trinity church we walked down to the Public Gardens. It was such a beautiful day with lots of flowers blooming and all kinds interesting trees in the park. We thought about riding around in the Swan boats, but decided that was lame. We made our way to the other side of Boston Common where I waded in the FREEZING wading pool just long enough to say that I did. We then walked around the North side of Boston Common and took pictures outside the original Cheers Bar. We also walked along Common Wealth Avenue and saw Berklee College of Music. It’s strange because it’s just this block of houses on a normal street, but each house has a sign on the door saying what kind of classes meet there. It was weird.

We didn’t have much time left before the shuttle would be coming to pick us up, so we stopped about a block away from the pickup spot to eat lunch at Solas Irish Pub. James and I both had a Guinness and Shepherd’s Pie. I shouldn’t have had the Guinness because it’s just too heavy. The Pie was good too and I thought I was going to burst. I’ve been craving that Shepherd’s Pie ever since…

So, we caught our shuttle back to the hotel, picked up our luggage and took a Taxi back down to the Waterfront where we were going to take a water shuttle over to the airport. Well, first off the cab driver dropped us off about a mile away from where the shuttle was supposed to be. So we were dragging our luggage all along the waterfront trying to find the pickup spot for the water shuttle, which nobody really seemed to know where we should be looking. Finally, we find a sign and find the spot only to find out that they water shuttle doesn’t run anymore! Argh! We could pay $10 a person to have a ferry take us over, but the shuttle didn’t run anymore. We were all pissed off that nobody at the hotel or the cab or anybody told us this information before. So, we had to track back the way we had just come to catch a subway over to the airport. It was very annoying.

The trip back was pretty uneventful. We were all pretty pooped, but we had lots of fun. We’re glad to have friends like the Powers. And that’s about it for the Boston trip. Stay tuned for real blogging soon.

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