Mozilla and the new plan

25 Oct

Holly and I have been living in the the new world of high speed internet for a couple of weeks now, and life is very good. Although I hated bowing to the evil empire of SBC, I’m loving DSL. Since I am now paying homage to the evil empire of SBC, I’ve decided to try to thwart other evil empires.

Just tonight, I downloaded Mozilla’s Firefox and Thunderbird and I’m going to try them out as my new browser and email client respectively. Not only is this my own little silly way of sticking it to Bill Gates, but I’ve been hearing about how using any other browser/email client other than IE and/or Outlook significantly cuts down on the crap the internet has to offer. (Mac users tend to bring up this little bit of knowledge as well…)

So many people use the Microsoft stuff, that the scum of the earth writing/distributing/propagating internet popups, viruses, (viri?), worms, hijackers, spam etc generally only create it to attack the MS software. So I’m giving it a try. So far, I’m digging firefox, but I’ve only been using it about 30 minutes.

Dark Tower Update:

I know I’ve not mentioned it since trying to get the Boston saga blogged, but I just finished the 3rd book, the Wastelands, this weekend. I’m enjoying it a lot now. For anybody else who read the Gunslinger and has friends telling you to just push through and give the following books a shot: believe them. It’s worth it.

Final thought:

Watch out for that stomach flu that’s going around! Last Thursday morning, I woke up and my stomach just hurt! I never threw up and never had any problems out the other end, but my stomach has never hurt like it did for that whole day. By the next day I was feeling better, which I guess is one good thing about this stomach flu, it only gets its claws in you for about 24 hours.

Anyway, be safe out there. Take care of each other.

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