medical terms

02 Jul

Ok, so I’ve been slacking this week, too. I’ve actually been working in the studio this week on a new-to-me type of project.

I’m reading/recording medical terms. I don’t know what they’ll be used for, but I just have to read these terms, export them to their own individual file and then upload them to this medical company. I just finished the first 1,000 words that I was asked to do, and now they just asked me to do another 1,000. This is not quite as scary as the fact that apparently, there’s a whole ‘nother batch of 10,000 words that I’m supposed to be getting!

Now, my first hurdle was the fact that I’ve never been too fond of my speaking voice. I take that back, I never considered what my speaking voice sounded like until early on in 7th grade. That was the year that a girl in my class, DeeDee Reed decided that I sounded stupid and she told me so. A lot. All the way through high school. How sick and sad is it that my thought patterns are still being influenced by a mean (and I’m trying hard not to say anything else about her) girl that I barely knew 15 years ago? (DeeDee, if you’re out there, it really sucks that you’ve lodged this particular insecurity in me all this time, but I’m sure that I couldn’t care less what you think of me now.)

Now, reading the words is not so bad. In fact, I kind of like it. They give you the word and the pronunciation and for some reason, I like testing myself to see how long it takes me to say these weird, long medical terms. The editing, however, is pretty mind-numbing. I thought I was never going to finish editing/exporting this first 1,000. Only 11,000 more words to go…

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