sapphire bullets…almost thanksgiving 08

24 Nov


  •  (still waiting to award 1 million points to someone who names the reference to this blog entry…)
  • We’re building onto our house.  550 sq feet.  Will be moving my “office/studio” to the other end of the house soon.  They’re tearing out the wall in our living room tomorrow. It will be interesting to come home after school.  No insulation yet, so am hoping it’s not too cold for the next few days.  If all goes as planned, insullation, heat and air and maybe even drywall will be up before thanksgiving.  We’re planning to stain the concrete next Sunday afternoon.  
  • Having a good year teaching, but am really looking forward to a break.
  • Am even more looking forward to the cruise we leave for 2 days after Christmas with the Powers. (Don’t be deceived and think that teaching is paying WAY more than you thought with the building AND the cruise.  We booked the cruise way before we decided to build.   Would have preferred to use the money for the cruise on the build at this point, but I’m still really looking forward to the cruise.)
  • NOT looking forward to being away from Ivy for a week.
  • Am currently listening to the audio book for the new Ender in Exile book.  Am having difficulty finding anything else to read.
  • Spending Thanksgiving in Wichita with Holly’s fam since we won’t see them at Christmas.
  • Very glad to only have two days of school this week.  Can’t believe I’m 3 weeks and 2 days to being half way to next summer vacation…
  • Took a test last weekend that I have to pass in order to schedule my final teaching certification test/observation/evaluation.  Have no idea if I passed that test.  It was too stupid for words.
  • Ivy is still awesome.  On Saturday she started singing: “Polar Bear, Polar bear, what do you see?  I see a (unintelligible) in my ear…” The song goes on to name different animals/people and asking them what they see. Don’t know if the song is supposed to have everything they see going  in their ear, but that was what she was singing.  Call me proud pappa when she sang: “Yoda, yoda what do you see? I see a lightsaber in my ear!” 🙂
  • Joined a weight bet at school with a bunch of teachers.  Everybody throws in $20. Whoever loses the most percentage of weight by the Friday before Spring Break gets the pot.  I figure I could lose between 20-30 pounds and be about right.  Which leads to the most unbelievable bullet:
  • I bought pair of running shoes yesterday.  New Balance. I even found a workout called “From couch to 5k”.  I don’t really care about a 5k.  I just needed help getting started so I don’t kill myself.  Now, to implement…
  • I came home and declared to holly that I bought a pair of running shoes, a shirt (long-sleeve t-shirt to wear under polo at school when cold), a pair of jeans (work jeans for the rare occasion on which I do such), and got a hair cut all for under $35!
  • And to top it all off, I guess we’re getting a new dog!  Friends brought home a 4 month old basset/mix (I think basset/beagle) for their fam only to traumatize their toddler to the point they decided they needed to wait.  I was pushing for a dog last summer and Holly said we needed to wait.  Shrewdly, my friend emailed pics.  We went to meet Rhubarb.  She’s super sweet and cute and friendly.  Ivy laughs uncontrollably when puppy jumps up and licks her face.  Holly caves hard.   Now we just have to finish out the house a little more.
  • I’m being impressed with myself because I just installed an open source operating system on my mp3 player that will allow it to read the 4 GB micro SDHC card that I bought on woot a couple of weeks ago… I’m easily impressed with myself sometimes.
  • I don’t know if I can handle this much change all at once.

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2 responses to “sapphire bullets…almost thanksgiving 08

  1. Celia

    November 25, 2008 at 12:13 am


  2. shacknotes

    November 25, 2008 at 12:54 am

    But, how does it relate to the blog?

    (I have to make it difficult to award such a spectacular amount of points to my sister…)


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