Fear Factor part II

01 Oct

Even after all my whining, Holly still took Ivy to Wichita for the weekend. (I know this weekend is a good time. I started my Saturday modules and so I wouldn’t have had as much time with Ivy anyway. But still…)

So, now I’ve not seen my girls since I went to bed Thursday night. What can I say? I hate it. Now I not only have to deal with irrational fear that they’re a long way away from me and I need them to come home to me safe, but I’m also lonely, bored and depressed!

To top it all off, after arriving in Wichita, H started feeling really crappy and running a temp. She’s been in bed at our friends’ in Wichita pretty much since Saturday evening. I’m torn because I REALLY want them to come home tomorrow and be here when I get home. But I also don’t want H driving if she’s feeling weak/sleepy/sick. argh!!! Damn these parental motivations! I lived so long without worrying about them.

It’s almost 10:30. I’ve spent most of the day alternately procrastinating and actually accomplishing some much needed grading of homework. Now, I should get in there and make my own PB&J for my lunch tomorrow….man this sucks.

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