03 Mar

Today, I ended up going to a funeral. I debated with myself all morning on whether or not I should go, and ultimately decided that if I thought maybe I should, then I should.

So, I was rushing around to get ready, got stuck in traffic and construction and behind slow people all the way to the church, and running late.

Of course, when I got there, there was no place to park. So, after driving around for a little bit, I parked in a little parking area that’s actually across the street from the church. The parking lot was actually for a little law firm that’s right across the street from the church, but I’d seen two other cars do it while I was searching. They didn’t have any signs posted saying “this parking lot for our customers only” or anything like that, and on top of everything else, there were plenty of open spaces in their lot.

Well, as soon as I parked and got out, a lady came charging out saying that I can’t park there and that was going to have to tell those two other cars they can’t park there either… Like I know who those cars belong to. right…

Keep in mind, i was already annoyed for being late. I couldn’t help but tell the lady, “It’s a funeral…” as I got back in my van and pulled it over and parked on the church’s lawn.

Now, I don’t know who that lady was. I don’t know if she’s like a receptionist or a legal assistant or one of the lawyers of the firm. I don’t know if she decided to walk out into the parking lot on her own or if a boss told her to.

But, I so wanted to go in there after the funeral and say:

“Look…it’s not the law. You don’t have signs posted. There were still empty parking spots in the lot. Yes, it may have been within your rights to tell people to get off your parking lot. But, are your rights so significant that you couldn’t have just a little bit of human compassion? Are your rules so important that you had to intrude upon people as they mourn the passing of a 6 year old boy?”

argh. I’m getting all fired up again just thinking about it.

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