Apology for SW

30 Apr

If anybody from the free weekly/NAMAs happen to visit this blog, please accept my apologies for your getting dragged into the middle of an idiot’s personal vendetta with me. If I have some overly-zealous fans, I hope that their zeal didn’t throw off the count too much and I assure you that I did not encourage such behavior. However, I’m very thankful for them as they tend to balance the struggle to deal with and accept the tiresome scheming and whining of my singular “anti-fan”, who cowardly (and puzzlingly) refers to himself as “Silently Watching”. We just can’t get him to shut up.

I’m thankful for the award and I’m thankful to my fans and friends for getting out and voting for me. I realize that with the NAMAs it truly is more of an honor just to be nominated (I have no idea how that happens) and that the award itself is just for fun.

As per my recent blog that I wasn’t going to let SW piss everybody off anymore, I’ve decided to delete his most recent comments. However, let it be known that SW just continues to give us proof of what a petty little ass he truly is. If you’re reading some of the recent comments and they don’t make sense, it’s because they were response to SW. Next time folks, ignore him and let me know and I’ll get it off of there as soon as I can.

Thanks, ya’ll! 🙂

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