My World as Best as I can Remember It…

21 Aug

I have not moved a lot in my life. I moved houses before I was 4 and lived in that house until I left home for college where I lived for about 8 years. Holly and I moved to NW Arkansas and have been here now for 24 years(!) Since I’ve not lived many places, I have hard time remember dates or years when things happened. It all kind of blurs together for me. Awhile ago, I compiled a little timeline of milestones to help me remember. Some dates are more precise than others and some moments have much bigger stories surrounding them. Really, this is just for me.

August, 1990 – Moved to Manhattan, KS
May, 1991 – Finally convinced Holly to be my girlfriend. Choir tour to Toronto. I believe this was my first time out of the country.
August 1991 – Began tenure with scholarship vocal ensemble: Triumphant Sound
May 1992 – Broke up with Holly. Then spent summer as music director at camp in Prescott, AZ except for 2 weeks of TS tour.
February 1993 – Asked Holly to marry me.
August 14, 1993 – Married Holly.
Fall 1993 – Worked for 1 week at Applebee’s washing dishes. Quit and got a job at Music Store. Started recording first (cassette) release of original songs with Joe Mills.
November 1993 – My friend, Tim, died.
December 1993 – Dad had heart attack and quadruple bypass. (He was 62.)
February 1994 – Dad didn’t wake up on a Sunday morning. He’d just turned 63 in January.
Spring 1994 – Released Your Luv 4 Me on cassette. Manufactured 100 cassettes at a time to sell.
December 1994 – Graduated with Bachelor of Science in Bible-Music-Ministry. All I had that last semester of school was my Senior Recital which was initially supposed to be half piano/half vocal performance, but I didn’t practice my piano enough. Ended up doing all vocal recital.
1994-1996 – Started playing with Cold Sweat and The Sleeping Adams.
Spring 1996 – Recorded and released Trying to Climb the Wisdom Tree on CD only. Helped by The Derek Shacklett Band, sometimes known as El Eminopy.
Summer 1997 – Regional Finalist in GMA Best New Song and Best New Artist. 1st Runner Up for Best Song: The Truth Hurts
Spring 1998 – Regional Finalist in GMA Best New Song and Best New Artist. Best New Song Regional Winner: Vagabond Dancing. First Mini-tour through NW Arkansas into Texas.
August 1998 – Moved to NW Arkansas to work part-time for ConC. Independently released 3rd Recording: Vagabond Dancing
Spring 2001 – Independently released P&W Recording: Fall on Me
May 2001 – Position with ConC ended. Last summer Holly and I traveled leading music for camps.
Fall 2001 – Started leading music regularly for New Springs Christian Church.
2001-2003 – Recording and Producing out of home studio.
Spring 2003 – Independently released Gypsy Heart after recording all but drums in spare bedroom.
2003-2006 – Partnered with Easthall Recording. Lots of odd jobs to supplement income including giving music lessons, performing at coffee houses, leading music at New Springs, driving for real rock stars, and moving pianos around NW Arkansas.
April 29, 2006 – Ivy Kate made me a daddy.
Summer 2006 – Entered Non-traditional Licensure program for teaching. Did not get a job that summer.
2006-2007 School Year – Substitute taught and job hunted.
Summer 2007 – Accepted overflow middle school teaching position at Prairie Grove Middle School.
May 24, 2010 – Lucy Quinn made me a daddy again.
August 2011 – Closed New Springs Christian Church, began attending Vintage Fellowship the next Sunday.
Summer 2012 – Began primary music leading position for Vintage Fellowship.
May 2014 – Answered Craigslist ad looking for people who could play piano and sing. Started visiting Willy D’s regularly that summer. Started learning songs.
September 2014 – Started first full shifts as dueling piano player at Willy D’s.
October 2014 – DM buys Willy D’s.
February 2015 – Mattie comes off the road to be staff player at Willy D’s.
August 2015 – Moved rooms and started teaching 6th grade at PGMS
June 2016 – DM freaks out first time. Tommy “fired” for two weeks.
June 2017 – DM freaks out and fires Tommy and Mattie.
July 2017 – Accepted 6th Grade ELA position at HTMS in Springdale.
December 2017 – Furloughed from Willy D’s over Christmas break because the bar couldn’t pay me.
January 2018 – First Odd Key Party shows with Shorter at The Odd Soul without DM’s knowledge.
March 2018 – Aaron asks if he can join OKP. Leaves WD’s. DM finds out about OKP after trying to convince me to come back to WD’s as a full time player and cancels dates he’s booked and tells me I’m not needed. Final show at WD’s.
May 2018 – DP shows at Casino in Tunica, MS.
May-August 2018 – OKP @ Grubbs, Boars Nest, Growler USA etc.
August 5, 2018 – OKP @ Bridal Expo
September 2018 – OKP @ BBBBQ
December 31, 2018 – OKP Opens for Full House NYE party
March 2, 2019 – OKP at Indigo Sky Casino
June, 2019 – Discussed buying WD’s with Hudek and then partners.
August 22, 2019 – Bought Willy D’s with partners.
August 29, 2019 – Soft Opening of The Piano Bar
January, 2020 – Following Christmas break, every single weekend night set a new all time sales record until…
March 13, 2020 – The Piano Bar Closes for COVID 2 or 3 months.
Summer 2020 – TPB re-opens to limited capacity and required to enforce distancing protocols.

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  1. Bonnie Adams

    August 21, 2022 at 4:02 pm

    I am enjoying your return to blogging.

    P.S. your dad was 64 when he passed. BD, 1/26/30


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