It’s been awhile…

21 Jan

It is crazy to think that nearly 5.5 years ago, my last Mazda MPV (mini-van) died. (transmission…again.) For those who have wondered, and I know there aren’t too terribly many, that was at least one of my brain’s excuses for not not playing out locally since then.  

Other factors have been involved:  Daughter #1,  starting a new vocation, laziness, other distractions, daughter #2, writer’s block (?), burnout (?), etc.  And even though I probably could have fit some if not all I needed in terms of sound equipment into the Moby (the white whale mercury sable), it was convenient to use the difficulty of transporting pa as excuse enough to not pursue any new venues or gigs. 

And now, just after Christmas, we finally got rid of Moby and got the family mini-van.  Swagger Wagon?  I wouldn’t go that far.  It’s white, too.  But it beats the crap out of Moby.  And it could carry lots of sound equipment….

It’s not like I’ve been productive in writing.  It’s not like I’ve made any progress in my guitar technique. In fact, it’s more than possible that what skills I possessed have atrophied. 

But I’ve been thinking about it lately: writing, I mean.  And here I sit in a potential venue wondering what it would take to book a gig.

Would anybody be interested in that?  Would I be interested in that?  Stay tuned…

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