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17 Sep

“Christians, sadly, tend to believe more in the negative power of sin than they do in the redemptive power of Christ in the lives of His people.”

This quote perfectly reflects my frustration with the way I feel most Christians live their lives.   If what you are doing (or not doing) is motivated by fear, you’ve got it wrong.  period.

I found it in an article on Home Schooling at Burnside Writers Collective here…

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One response to “Quote of the week:

  1. Sara Nelson

    October 15, 2009 at 7:13 pm

    Sooooooooooo…I have to say, I find the article interesting when I read it in conjunction with your most recent blog about the lack on thinking in your students. Do I identify truth in the quote? Sadly, yes. But is that why we crazy homeschoolers “shelter” our kids from the “real world” and stay away from those H1N1 carriers…. hmmm, maybe not. Maybe it’s just a different look at education that includes both thinking and reasoning skills along with Bible truths that God can use in a 6 year old’s mind (or almost 4, or even the 34 year old mom). Maybe it’s church and family played out on a daily basis, with a whole lot of love and forgiveness to go around. Maybe its about teaching your own kids how to deal Biblically with a situation, so they have a foundation of truth in dealing with their friends. The family in the article sounds like they are making a difference in the world. They have made a choice that works in their school and for their family. (I would venture to say, that it is not the conviction of most Christian parents or children who public school.) It sounds like it will be a conviction that leads you in your education and ministry choices for your family. I am good with that. I believe, like he said, that public school is a viable option for Christian parents! But I also believe homeschooling is.


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