sum, sum, summertime!

08 Jun

-On the Thursday before school got out, got this crazy idea to drive to Louisville, KY to see friends Brian, Debra and Sadie.  Brian said that if we made it there, he’d have Coldplay-with-PeteYorn-opening tickets waiting for us.  It’s totally outside my nature to decide to decide to do this, but we did it.

-Left on Tuesday and drove to Saint Louis to spend the night with my sister.  Ivy travels better than I do.  She even did very well in the potty power department.  Hung out with sister Wednesday morning then ventured on to Louisville Wednesday night.  Had fun being lazy and hanging with friends that we’ve not been with for two years.

-Thursday night: left Ivy with Debra and Sadie (she did great and had a blast) while Holly, Brian, Brian’s friend, and I made our way outside Cincinnati.   It was a gorgeous night.  Pete Yorn was good, but they didn’t have the big screens on yet and it was difficult to see from where we were.  I’ll probably get his new record coming out soon, anyway.

-Coldplay:  Words fail.  Awesome?  Incredible?  Moving?  The word that continues to come closest that I can come up with is transcendent.  Keep in mind, I am the WORST concert audience member.  I typically just like to watch and listen and I’m old and grouchy enough to mostly just be annoyed at all the people around me either talking, singing, dancing, freaking out too much who make it difficult for me to observe.  This was not the case on this night.  I jumped.  I clapped.  I danced.  I sang.  I yelled.  I cried.  I am so glad that we drove all the way to Louisville, KY.  It was the best church I’ve had in a long time.  Thanks, Bribrow.

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