1 Day Left!!!

31 May

Two kinds of students:  1) The kind that you just tell them they really don’t need to come to school tomorrow.  2) You hold up a big packet of worksheets and tell them that if they do show up tomorrow, that’s what’s in store for them…  We’ll see.  It’s amazing to me that the kids that have missed so much all year and it’s hard to keep them up to speed because they’re never there are suddenly concerned with their attendance when we’re not doing anything.

All I have left is to pack up my room.  I feel like I’ve not gotten very far, but I think I’ll have enough time.  I think I’ve got all my paperwork stuff ready to turn in.

On Tuesday, we’re heading to Saint Louis and then to Louisville, KY on Wednesday.  Will be home on Sunday afternoon.  I just decided for sure today.  How’s that for spontaneous?

Our friends, Brian and Debra and Sadie have been trying to lure us to come see them for awhile.  We’ve never even got to meet Sadie and I think Ivy was just a few months when they moved.  I’m all for visiting friends, I’m just NOT for big road trips.  Dangling Coldplay/Pete Yord tickets in front of me did the trick.

By the way: Ben Folds freaking rocks!

and summer break rocks, too!

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