05 May

The title of this blog seemed a little too blunt.  I considered “iniquity” but that didn’t really get it either.

Some time ago, I was visiting with my wise friend, Rustin.  He had just been to visit an old friend of his who had been divorced since their previous contact.  I really don’t remember direct quotations, but I remember Rustin saying something to the effect of being amazed at how sin always separates us.

If you believe the bible, you know that sin is what separates us from God.  Rustin’s observation has grown into a profound idea to me over the years that proves itself to be true over and over again.  How do you recognize sin?

Pride causes sons and daughters, brothers and sister, mothers and fathers to shut loved ones out of their lives.  Greed causes us to be uncaring and ruthless in our pursuit of stuff.  Lust perverts our idea of love and care and sex and causes us not to treasure the loved one we are joined to or prohibits healthy, whole relationships from developing.

I have a friend who may read this blog.  I really don’t know.  But, I also said all this to his face, so if he chooses to be mad because I wrote it on the blog, I’m sorry. He made it clear that what I thought and said had not bearing on what he plans or what he thinks.  I’m not writing to him.  I’m writing to get it out of my head.

He’s screwing up his life.  He disagreed.  But, his behavior or determination not to change his behavior for anybody else is driving everyone who cares about him away from him including his wife.  How is that not screwing up your life?  How is that not sin?  I know that I don’t want to be around him.  I don’t want to talk about all his grand plans that may or may not come to fruition, but will most definitely cause him to lose the things that seem the most important.

Is money most important?  Is prestige?  Is being right? Is getting your own way the most important thing? Is pride the most important?

My dad was far from perfect.  Even now, 15+ years since he died, I can get mad at him for not telling me more of his thoughts and ideas.  I wish I knew more of who he was.  And yet, even without talking much, somehow he instilled in me strong convictions about what it means to keep your commitments and meet your obligations  and take responsibility for your family and the ones you love.  Whether the grounding of this idea is in scripture or not:  This is moral.  This is right.  The lack of understanding of this is part of what’s wrong with our society.

Anything that you might allow in your life to impede or separate those relationships is wrong.  immoral.  sin.

And deflecting all responsibility off yourself and onto other people is 7th grader behavior.  Grow up already.

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