The Hunger Games

29 Apr

imagesI just finished reading this book this evening.  It’s a Young Adult (YA) novel that I’d been hearing about for awhile.  I can fairly say I devoured it.

It seems like there are way cooler books being published for YA than when I was that age.  I’m sure that it has to do with the Harry Potter craze and now Twilight insanity.  And a lot of it looks like I would be way into it:  Fantasy, Scifi, secret agents, etc.

The thing is: I figure most of it is crap.  How can it not be?  Harry Potter was so huge and now there is just SO MANY books…  I can’t believe much if any of it will be remembered in 20-30 years.    It is so hard to find something like Harry Potter, or Ender’s Game or the Outsiders, Childhood’s End, Of Mice and Men, The Giver(notice I didn’t mention Twilight…) that school aged kids will be falling in love with generation after generation.

The Hunger Games was good.  I am mostly impressed.  Fairly well drawn, likeable characters without being so in depth as to get boring.  Lot’s of action, but again: not enough to be boring.  Interesting premise that leaves me wanting to know more about the universe in which it’s set, but leaves out enough detail that middle school students could probably be easily bogged down with.  So, like I said: I read it fast. I was into it and entertained.

And then it went south.

I kind of saw it coming.  The main protagonist is a female.  In the midst of all the good stuff, what has to be injected?  Of course: a love story.  Oh, and it has to be a conflicted triangle as well.  Oh and this book is actually just a setup for the sequal that is to come where the REAL conflicted love triangle can commence.  GROSS!  So, without giving anything away, about the last chapter combined with the looming sequal (coming September 1st…That’s right: We’ll crank out a new one every year for ya!  Just keep buying…)  very nearly ruined the whole thing for me.  I’ll let you know if I get over it or not.

How about, on the back cover you just write something like this: “Whatever good writing and hard work went into this novel, be rest assured, dear consumer, we know there are not enough girls out there reading the Twilight series or even Harry Potter.  We’re coming after you girls! We know you’ve got money to spend and fanaticism to be unleashed!  We have our own quality assurance department to make sure that every book we put out will appeal to simplest of urges and desires.  We know you’ll enjoy this book because it has been manufactured to make sure that you do.  And it’s designed to make sure you keep coming back for more!  We’ve even created our own new genre: Novel Crack!   It get’s you hooked, but doesn’t nourish and only makes you want some more.  Read it now!  Because nobody will care about it later!”

Where’s my copy of Ender’s Game…?

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