speaking of stupid…

12 Mar

Often, blogs contain “favorite” or “best of” lists of actors, bands, artists, whatever. I’m feeling the need to unburden myself of a very abbreviated “Can’tStand” list.

Because I’m being lazy and don’t want to do anything productive, I streamed the silly 1998 teen movie, Can’t Hardly Wait off Netflix. I can’t really defend it, but I’ve admitted before that I’m kind of a fan of silly teen movies; especially of the 80’s variety. (Ferris Bueller, 16 Candles, Breakfast Club, Say Anything…, Some Kind of Wonderful being the best).

Can’t Hardly Wait is actually pretty good. It’s funny to me that it came out at the very end of the 90’s but most of the songs on the soundtrack that is supposed to be at end-of-school party are all songs from the end of the 80’s. It’s got all the classic stereotypes: the stupid jock, the princess, the loveable-but-low-self-confident-thinker, the smarter-than-everybody-chick-who-is-not-immediately-a-hotty-but-is-actually-really-cool, the geek-who-everybody-makes-fun-of-that-ultimately-becomes-a-millionaire, etc. When I first saw this movie, I was entertained and was thinking I kind of liked it, and then the final girl-shows-up-for-likeable-guy scene and the background song for the scene is “Only You” by Yaz! (Yaz was easily MY band throughout my teen years…) The movie gets my raised thumb.

Unfortunately, watching the movie again reminded me of it primary failure: The misunderstood-dream-girl-princess is played by Jennifer Love Hewitt. Gag. Do you think she could over-act any worse? Ghost Whisperer? blech.

Holly will tell you there is a list of people that whenever I see them anywhere I have to voice the fact that I can’t stand him or her. Right now, I can only think of two people:

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Candace Bergen


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One response to “speaking of stupid…

  1. Trevor

    March 13, 2009 at 4:03 am

    think positive, shack.


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