51.5 hours

30 Jan

Thursday morning, after chilly night #2 with the shacklett family camping out on living room floor, we decided to go get a hot breakfast before I started up the fire place.  From Flapjacks, we went to the Brown’s for a little bit (they have power and Ivy needed to play with livvy) and from there, we went to Steve and Shelly’s.  Spent the afternoon and evening with Steve and Shelly enjoying the warmth, TV, internet, hot spaghetti, and fellowship.  I waited for Ivy to go to bed before coming home to check on Rhubarb and get a couple extra things to take back to spend the night.  When I got back over here the power was on.  Whew!

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One response to “51.5 hours

  1. Trevor

    February 1, 2009 at 1:22 am

    ours came on a couple hours ago, which makes exactly 100.0 hours it was off.


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