ice day ’09 #1

27 Jan

Knew before 9pm last night that I wouldn’t be going to school today.   Although, we’d all been planning as such since Sunday night.   Don’t know if we’ll get off tomorrow or not.

It’s pretty freaky.  Just sitting here, I can hear tree  limbs breaking somewhere in my neighberhood every couple of minutes.  We lost power at around 10am and were surprised that was back up by noon.  The temp is supposed to be dropping this afternoon which means all the wet outside is going to freeze some more.  With all the falling limbs, I’ll be surprised if we don’t lose power again.

So, what have i been doing this morning?  I had grand designs to get a bunch administrative malarkey caught up and brought home materials to do so.  I tried to decipher it for awhile and just got pissed off and decided that getting out in the freezing rain and dodging falling tree limbs to get D cell batteries so we’d have a radio if the power went out again would be more fun.  So, that is unfinished.  I could probably be moving more stuff into my new office/room/studio, but I’ve not done that either.  Why must snow days, which could be “catchup” days, be so unmotivating? 

2:48  power went out again.

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