new shoes for school!

10 Aug

Holly loves to tell the story (and I may have already told you the story of how she loves to tell the story…um…whatever) of the time i walked around the mall for like 2 hours deciding to buy a pair of shoes that I went to the mall to buy.  I’m just cheap enough that it takes me awhile to work up to parting with money.  Even when shopping ebay.

I’ve already mentioned how I’d probably go without shoes year round given the option.  Well, I love my Keens, but also love my chacos.  I can get away with wearing my Chacos at school, but sometime I think I should give them a rest.  I’m not sure what I think of the “hybrid” sandel/shoe, but I decided that I liked my Keens so much I’d give it a shot.  and you know they’re weird, so that makes me like them…

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