glorious summer and my to-do list

03 Jun

Ok, I’m two days into summer vacation and it’s wonderful. What I’m experiencing right now may be all the reason necessary to teach. (take note, crazybilly) Even though this summer will be significantly truncated due to 1) 3 weeks of NTL modules (8-3 everyday) and 2) 3 days in glorious Searcy, AR for Literacy Lab, those things are 3 weeks away and I’m too happy happy to think about those things right now.

However, I’m trying to make myself be productive. Here’s my current to-do list:
-Turn in all my re-application materials for NTL. They’re due no later than June 15th
-Not wait till the last minute to work on my Portfolio Checkpoint that is due the first day of NTL modules on June 23rd. I don’t need to be up until 4:30 am again.
-find out about a new battery for the electric lawn mower my mom gave us.

I’m also setting goals of writing a new song once a week. I’m also hoping to submit at least 2 songs a month to taxi. If that happens, that also means I’ll be posting said songs somewhere for my adoring fans to at least be able to hear them.

Finally, I need to exercise. My friend, Justin, is trying to get me to commit to doing P90x with him. I’m afraid that might kill me. However, it would be awesome to show up at school totally buffed out. We’ll see.

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