…4 more days…

27 May

who will survive?
who will lose it and go “scholastic”?

  • Saw Indiana Jones…disappointment abounds and I am unsure why it keeps getting good reviews. It wasn’t horrible, but it was a big let down to me.
  • Am trying to figure out what to do with these last 4 days. I’m wanting to show “Stand By Me” to my English classes, but can’t get the TV guardian to work and am a little nervous about it. It’s a great movie, and I don’t think the profanity is unrealistic for 4 12 year old boys left to their own devices. However, I also don’t want to be lectured to by some irate parents in the last 4 days of school.
  • Am planning to go see the Old 97’s and Aimee Mann in June. Am excited about both although it’s hard to compete with the simple prospect of not going to school starting next Monday…
  • Finished The Duma Key. Pretty good Stephen King. As usual, I feel like he does a great job telling a story, but not the greatest job ending it.
  • 4 more days…
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