14 Oct

quick blogs:

-This week is the 9th week of school. I have to turn in grades for report cards at the end of this week. I’ve got a lot of assignments that I need to get graded. I’m not as far behind as I would expect, but I am a little behind.

-Next week, after report cards, I have my first parent-teacher conferences. I’m not real worried, but maybe I should be.

-I played the first gig I’ve had in months. I traded sets with Brasher, but otherwise it was completely solo acoustic. Oh yea, mr. powers was in town, so I got him to come up and play on a few songs. Good news was that Brasher and I both got $100. Bad news is that there was next to nobody there. That’s what you get when you have a couple of 30-somethings playing folky-singer-songwriter material in a bar for 3 hours on a Saturday night. Oh yea, and the Razorbacks lost, so most who might have come out were too depressed. I had fun with Brasher though.

-I have really only 2 students that ruin my teaching experience. I’ve figured out how to deal with every other problem, but these two constantly fight me and I don’t know what to do with them. It’s frustrating because I really love the rest of my students and am enjoying teaching. I know that I’m lucky that it’s only 2, but I still have to figure out how to deal with those two.

-Read a NY Times bestseller that I’ve seen a lot of the middle school girls reading called “Twilight”. It’s a teenage vampire story. I can totally see how adolescent girls would get into it, but I thought it was pretty ridiculous.

-Started reading another book that I book for the kiddos called “House of the Scorpion”. It’s pretty good. I’ll let you know when I finish.

-Unfortunately, I’m not getting very much reading in.

-I’ve written most of two songs with another songwriter I know. This is exciting just because I’ve done something. One of the songs seems really commercial but kind of boring to me personally. The other might be pretty great, but it still needs finished.

-baby-shack is awesome. I love her so much and hate leaving her to go to school everyday.

-wifey-shack takes care of me beyond what I deserve.

-time is moving very fast.

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