bad hair cut

03 Feb

So, I really like the girl who cuts my hair, and I’m hoping that she doesn’t read my blog because my haircut sucks!

What’s even more frustrating to me is that I can’t figure out why. I told her to just do what we’ve been doing, I just needed it shorter. Somehow that didn’t work. I can’t tell if the sides are too short for the top/front or if the sides are too short too high on the side of my head or what. I just can’t figure it out. I really hate it if it’s too short and looks like military buzz, but this doesn’t really look like that because it’s too random. Just not random in the cool way that I like. So, now I’m just wishing it would hurry up and grow in some more.

On the subject of hair, I feel fortunate that I’m 35 and still have mine. I often think that since I have it, I should grow it out, get some length. The problem is that my hair is VERY straight. So, if I grow it out all, it’s just very flat. Plus, holly hates it long.

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  1. Anonymous

    February 12, 2007 at 6:42 pm

    I know how it is. I usually don’t get my hair cut for months because my husband works 3 jobs in order to make it possible for me to stay home. A hair cut seems like a waste. Ususally, by the time I get my hair cut, it’s at some rinky dink place here in Siloam Springs that costs $10. One time I got a great haircut and decided to stick with that lady. Well, I went there the other day, and got myself a whack job. My husband said, “What the hell.” It was that bad. If I blow dry it a little, it’s ok. I wished I could say my hair isn’t thinning, but it is, and the gray hairs are multiplying. I’m only 37. We don’t have male pattern baldness in our family, we have women pattern baldness. Gah, that sux! If I start loosing my hair, I’m shaving it all off. I’d rather look like Susan Powder than a skeleton who has a few whisps of hair.shemetls


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