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28 Sep

So, it looks like I don’t have to check the online sub-finder for a couple of weeks. I’m subbing for the long-term sub in a class where the teacher is going to be having a baby in a couple of days and the long-term sub is currently engaged finishing another mini-contract. This is good because I know that the teacher is leaving me great great plans and directions for the whole time I’m there and it’s a great school. People are friendly and getting used to seeing me around there and since the teacher’s going to be gone on maternity leave, I’m actually going to get to do some teaching.

At the same time, a 5th grade position has opened up and I’m going to pursue it with all I’ve got. I’ve already sent out an email and called the school this morning, but the secretary said the principal wouldn’t be in all day. I plan to call again on my way to subbbing in the morning. As much as I really love the school that I’m subbing in and I know it will be great experience for me, the fact is that we just can’t make ends meet on the pay that subbing brings in.

I know that’s not much news, but that’s about all that’s going on.

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