No news not necessarily good news…

14 Sep

Sorry that I’ve been slow to update. It’s just that I’ve had no good news worth sharing.

It is not September 14th, I’m officially “on hold” with the NTL program, and chances of me getting a teaching gig for the 06-07 school year shrink with every day.

It seems apparent that there just aren’t any open positions within about a 50-mile radius. A couple of schools have offered a glimmer of hope that their enrollments are getting close to over-full at which point they’ll need to add positions. I try to keep checking, but nothing has happened with them either.

There is one job still open that I would be qualified for on paper. It’s really the job that I want. Unfortunately, I don’t think the principal or the person advising the principal have had any sort of chance to get to know me to think that I could do the job and do it well.

By contrast, I’ve been subbing at another school since September 1st. I truly believe that subbing is more challenging than actually teaching with the exception that you don’t carry the weight of the responsibility with teaching. Anyway, I’ve had 3 or 4 teachers from my hallway ask for my name/# so that they can try to get me to sub for them later. The people that have been around me and have been able to see me in the classroom recognize my ability with students and don’t care that have little experience.

So, that’s it. I’m still waiting/hoping/praying this principal will take a chance on me. And if that doesn’t happen, we’ve got to figure out some more income because subbing pays squat.

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