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23 Feb :: View topic – Church steals XBOX 360 trademark to lure new members

This is kind of interesting. Somebody on this video game bulletin board got a postcard from a church parodying (sp?) the new Xbox ads to try to get people to come to their church.

Most of the resulting comments reflect how non-church people respond and react to these marketing attempts made by churches. Particularly take note of how much hostility is generated at just the sight of this postcard.

A couple other things I found interesting:
-One commentor pointed out the fact that if you turned your “life 360” would be turning your life right back around to where you started. Great marketing, guys!

-I found the blurb quoted from the web-site about the children’s ministry particularly distateful and the reaction it received to be very appropriate. More and more, I am appalled at the blatant marketing of church. If it turns my stomach so much, and I am willing to believe that the people putting out this crap are at least sincere in their attempts, I can’t imagine how repellant it must be to the potential “consumer”.

Personally, I just don’t want anything to do with church or Christianity presented like this. Thank God the good news is not the Church or Christianity. How sad is it that the Church and/or Christianity have become such hindrances to the gospel?

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