Eugene Peterson on U2 and prophets

15 Feb

U2 news article – from @U2

This is an interview with Eugene Peterson, the guy who wrote the popular new paraphrase, The Message. For years, while leading worship at camps or dealing with friends from college who are now in music ministries or youth ministries, a conversation might come up that goes something like this:
me: “dude, have you heard the new U2 CD? It’s is awesome!”
Youth Minister: “No, I haven’t heard it. I didn’t think they were Christians anymore. Have you heard the new 3rd Day? Now that’s a great Christian Rock Band!”
me in my head: “did you really just question U2 and then compare them to 3rd day?”
And then we’d talk about something else…

Anyway, I particularly like the section of this interview where Peterson is talking about prophets and asking whether or not U2 is “christian” is really asking the wrong question.


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2 responses to “Eugene Peterson on U2 and prophets

  1. James

    February 17, 2006 at 5:19 pm

    That was an interesting article. I especially liked the question that Peterson poses as a response to listening to U2, “Is God using these words, this stance, to say something to me, to my society, to my neighborhood?” I question his use of the term ‘prophet’ though. He appears to be saying that anyone who is honest is a prophet because they speak truth. While I realize that a prophet does more than tell the future, I think the term ‘prophet’ is too distant making it less attainable. Everyone can be honest; not everyone can be a prophet, nor desire to be. In the world we live in, I think honesty is important enough not to have to be changed into another, more chruchy word.

  2. Timothy Paul Jones

    February 22, 2006 at 12:44 am

    Derek … don’t know if you remember me or not, but we were at MCC at the same time, 1990-1993. I played guitar with Jack, Ron, and Hollis in Encomia as well as some with Celebration Singers. Anyway, I really like your religious/political/prophetic/Jesus-following attitude in this blog. I am wondering what sort of stuff you do in concerts and how to book you. I’m pastor of First Baptist Church of Rolling Hills—a church of 300-400 people in a low-income area of east Tulsa. When I’m not engaging in pastoral tasks, I write. You can check that out at (ignore all the publicity junk that comes from publisher promos). If you get a chance, send me an email at


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