CBS | Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

31 Jan

CBS | Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

I’ve never really watched the Late Late Show. My routine is usually to watch Seinfeld at 11:30 (when LLS is coming on) and go to bed. However, of course I surf during the commercials, and I’ve caught bits and pieces and thought Craig Freguson was pretty funny. (Way better than Craig Kilborn, I HATED that guy. sorry, bribrow)

Anyway, I was surfing through the very first commercial break and landing on LLS and saw a really amazing, beautiful thing tonight.

Apparently, Craig’s father has just died. Instead of his regular monologue, Craig took the whole segment to talk about memories of his dad. It was kind of awkward at first, because I don’t think the audience could tell if this was going to have punchlines (it had a few little ones) or if he was actually being serious. Slowly, it became obvious, that he was serious and that he wanted to tell people about his father, who he obviously loved very much.

If you saw it, you know what i’m talking about. If you didn’t, i can’t explain it. It was very brave, authentic and beautiful. It will probably always surprise me when one can find moments of such profound grace on television.

Well done, Craig. I’m sorry for your loss. If only more people in the world could know the blessing of a father that loves them. I’m thankful that I did.

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