19 Jan

wow. I don’t know why it is the most difficult to blog when I have the most to say.

Blogging is so odd. I realize this and always have. Remember when you were little and could get a diary with an actual lock on it? Then you could keep the key for yourself and nobody could read your secret hopes/dreams/fears.

The whole point of blogging blows that away. The most interesting blogs take those private hopes/dreams/fears and publishes them so that ANYBODY can read/comment/judge.

I wish that I could say that my blog was an outlet for me to share who I really am and what I really think. It’s not. In fact, the thoughts/worries/fears/hopes/dreams I struggle with the most have the least chance of being mentioned in a blog.

What pisses me off the most is that by letting myself be hindered in what I write on here, I feel like a certain some-one-who-shall-not-be-named, wins. I wanted this to be an outlet for my thoughts; a way for others to get to know me. Certain-some-one showed me that there are people out there that I don’t want to know or be known by at all.

I hope he’s pleased with his accomplishment.

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