18 Nov

I know there are a lot of things that I should hate about wal-mart, (well on their way to being the ONLY store which would be the ultimate monopoly, putting all the mom & pop stores out of business, capitalism run amuck, yada yada), but really two things in particular come to mind that I truly despise about wal-mart.

1) This year, they got out the Christmas stuff IN AUGUST!!!! This is annoying like everything about the commercialization of Christmas is annoying, so…whatever…

2) (I really hate this one) Why oh why do I have to listen to constant, LOUD, commercials for wal-mart while I’m in the store? I’m thinkin’: I’m already at Wal-mart. I’m shopping here. Do you really need to yell at me the whole time I’m here to tell me to shop here more? What I think is particularly vulgar are these little speakers hanging all the way from the ceiling, but hanging really low over the toy aisles. These little speakers are BLASTING commercials into the kids heads the whole time they’re looking at the toys.

Does anybody else see how awful this is? How can this even be legal? How come nobody has thought to think it may not be moral?

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