07 Oct

So, after chillin’ with Joan Jett last weekend, James and I kept talking about the movie she starred in with Michael J. Fox back in the ’80s called “The Light of Day”. James ended up finding it at the library and so the shacks and powers got together tonight to watch it.

It’s really not worth hunting down unless you’re really interested, but I remembered liking it when I saw it before and it wasn’t that bad.

I particularly liked this part where the band was hanging out at their old regular club and there’s this cheezy techno band playing on their stage. In the dialog, the band is called “The Problems”. “They used to be called The Sins, now they’re just called Problems…” The band was actually a trio: two guys playing keyboards/computers and a lead singer front and center playing a synth-drum pad…AWESOME!

THE CRAZIEST thing about this is that as we’re watching the credits at the end of the movie, they list all the members of all the bands in the show & TRENT REZNOR is one of the guys in Problems! If you don’t know who Trent Reznor is, he’s a pretty hard-core industrial artist producer who, among other things, produced Marilyn Manson and wrote the song “Hurt” that Johnny Cash redid.

If you could see this band “Problems” and knew who Trent Reznor is, you’d know why this is so outrageously crazy.

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