wisdom tooth

13 Jun

One night, a couple of months ago, I was eating shelled sunflower seeds and my lower-right wisdom tooth broke.

My wisdom teeth all came in when I was like 21 or something like that and this isn’t the first one to break. I had the other one pulled while I was getting a bunch of other stuff done, and it was one of the easier issues to deal with.

So, this new broken tooth was bothering me a little and then it broke some more (I could tell because it wasn’t as sharp and jaggedy as it was). Then it started to hurt and I thought I better get it taken care of.

I had it pulled this morning. My face, lips, gums are still numb/itchy. I’m not supposed to suck or spit and that’s the worst because I’ve got all kinds of saliva a grossness in my mouth that I don’t want to swallow. (I’ve been spitting carefully.)

When he pulled my other one, he didn’t put in any stitches. This time, he did and I think he stabbed my tongue and lips with the needle a few times. That’s going to be irritating.

My friend, Jess, had all of her wisdom teeth taken on Friday and I’ve been wondering how she’s been doing.

I’m getting hungry which is also bad news…

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