101 weiner dogs

06 Jun

Actually, just 2. sort of 3.

This weekend we had B’Ellana (sp?), our friend, Felshy’s dog that we’re kind of being foster parents for. She’s 11 years old, been on the farm most of her life and is very sweet and very VERY mellow. We’ve been enjoying having her around.

Friday, my friend, Mike, called and asked if we could keep their weiner dog, zero, over night. Zero is a 10 month old, 7 lb., long-haired, ball of raging spazz. It was pretty funny watching ritalin child Zero trying to get old maid, B’Ellana to pay attention to him.

Both good dogs; both made us a little sad that Petey’s not around. He was “The Legend” after all.

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One response to “101 weiner dogs

  1. effie

    June 7, 2005 at 2:56 pm

    i bet it was cottinpickin cute. bonnie’s used to having crazy pup’s around. my toy rat terrier is a constant pest to bonnie. it’s funny to see.


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