Random updates

27 May

Whew. It’s been a strange week. First, we went to KC.

-to see my mom

-to see my sister

-to see some friends

-to see/hear my sister and a friend of her’s put on a house concert

More on that in a little bit…


Still trying and getting very close to finishing a project that I’ve been working on for way too long. I recently found “before” recordings of the songs as the artist originally brought them to me. Comparing these rough demos to the recordings now is nothing short of mind-blowing. For that, I’m very proud of this CD and looking forward to getting it out. I hope that the artist can figure out a way to market it as it deserves. At Eathall (the previously mentioned project is the last of my “home studio” projects), we’ve been working on a benefit CD for the local Animal Shelter. This has kept us busy for the last few days, working on the songs/bands/artists that are recording their contribution with us. However, everybody has been very efficient in recording. That coupled with the fact that we’d agreed to reduced studio rate (it is for charity), means we’re working a lot for not much money. The good news is that it’s brought a lot of traffic to the studio and we hope that will help us in terms of local awareness. We’ll see.

We’ve also been working on the debut CD of a great local singer/songwriter by the name of Justin Brasher. He’s a great guy and I absolutely love his songs and his voice. I’m so glad to be working on his CD, I’ll definately let you know when it’s done.

Other work:

Today I spent my first morning moving pianos. I know I know it sounds like a joke, but when I hired an acquaintance to move a 5′ baby grand to the studio a couple of weeks ago, I found out he would be needing some help this summer. He’s a nice guy and he’s got somebody helping him in the afternoons, so he just needs help in the mornings. I’m not sure how much work I can hope for, but this will help with the income a little bit.


Ok, this has me so irritated. I’ve been making lots of phone calls trying to book some more local gigs. I found out that one local place has started having “acoustic nights” on a particular day of the week, so I found out who was doing the booking, and contacted him and took him a CD a couple of weeks ago. Well, it’s impossible to get in touch with this guy. I’ve called regularly and seem to always miss him. Finally, I called last friday and caught him and asked if he’d had a chance to listen. He said yes, and that he liked it. (great!) We looked at a couple of dates on the calendar and it looked like we were both agreed that a day next week would work well for both of us. He asked me if I could give him a chance to double check with his boss and give him a call on monday to confirm. no problem. sounds great. I call back on Monday: “oh, he doesn’t come in today.” (grrrrr….) I call tuesday and a female answers the phone. When i ask for the booker she puts me on hold for awhile. She comes back: “He’s busy and says you should stop calling. He’ll call you when he gets a chance.” I’m incredulous. I say, “Are you serious?” her: “Yes, he says stop calling.” me: “Well, I was calling to confirm a date we’d talked about next week…” her: “Well, he says he’ll call you when he gets a chance.” yea. right. Thanks a ton.

I’m calling tomorrow. If he’s just trying to blow me off, he’s going to have to do it for real.

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