shack show as a single

07 May

Hey, thanks to everybody who came out to the shack show tonight despite the fact that Holly left me…for the weekend. We’ll all continue working under the assumption that she’s coming back to me at the end of the weekend.

Seriously, I had a lot of fun tonight. Thank you all for coming and hanging out with me. Thanks also to Travis for coming and sitting in on djembe. Did anybody else notice how Mr. Powers was on fire tonight? scorching!

I don’t expect anybody to really notice this or even understand it, but I’ve been feeling like I’ve had a breakthrough with my voice in the last couple months. Now, 10 years since I graduated from college and took all those voice lessons to get that music degree, a couple of things that I worked at so hard back then suddenly seem to be connecting. It’s weird and I doubt that anybody can actually hear it, it’s more just the way it feels to me when I sing. One of my voice professors always told me that the male voice doesn’t fully mature until between the age of 30-35 and i never believed her. I don’t know if that’s what’s making this stuff work better, but it could be. I just think that I can sing a lot longer without feeling as tired and without worrying that I’m hurting myself.

I know that probably nobody has any interest in this (other than my old voice professors), but it’s interesting and kind of exciting to me.

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